About Me

Hi! I’m Meg.  I have an office job from 9-5, but I really, REALLY love taking pictures.  Especially of super cute babies and kids.  After years of trying to get professional pictures of my own kids, I gave up.  There were way too many tears and it was so stressful for everyone.  So I learned my way around my camera.  Photography quickly became a hobby of mine and I have spent the last few years practicing on friends, family, and of course, my own toddlers.  Recently, I have decided to turn my hobby into a small business.  My goal is absolutely to give you beautiful pictures, but I also want it to be STRESS-FREE and FUN.  I understand all kids (and adults!) have bad days, so our sessions will never be rushed, and I will always carry bribes.  Warning: my voice gets really, really high when talking to kids (they like it, I swear).

Can’t wait to meet you!